Please find below our pricing structure which is competitive and transparent to you the customer. If you do have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us


Standard Rate Mon-Fri (8am-6pm)

1st hour labour (1hr minimum) £75.00 / £90.00 (inc. VAT)
Each Additional 30mins £37.50 / £45 (inc. VAT)
Day rate (8hrs labour) £450.00 / £540 (inc. VAT)

Eletrical Installation

Condition Reports/ Periodic Testing

Number of circuits (Fixed)

Up to the first 5 £180 / £216 (inc. VAT)
Per Circuit thereafter £20 / £24 (inc. VAT)

If you are unsure of how many circuits you have, take a photo of your fusebox(es) and send it to us. The EICR can take anywhere between 2-8 hrs to complete depending on the size of the  property

If any recommended action is required following the report, the electrician will provide a fixed price quote to remedy. Should you choose to uptake the correctional work with Electec the certificate will be reissued without charge.

Out of Hours Rate Mon-Fri (7am-8am & 6pm-8pm), All day Saturday & Sunday

1st hour labour (1hr minimum) £95 / £114 (inc. VAT)
Each further half hour £47.50 / £57 (inc. VAT)
 Day rate (8hrs labour)  £540.00 / £648 (inc. VAT)



  • All charges apply per electrician.
  • 1 hour minimum job.
  • Prices are inclusive of all taxes.
  • Any parking charges will be charged at cost where applicable.
  • Materials will be charged at a 25% mark up.
  • Sourcing time on materials is capped at 1hour if collection is required.
  • If we are unable to carry out any work upon arrival through no fault of our own the minimum 1hr charge will apply.
  • Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy: If you need to reschedule or cancel a confirmed booking please allow 24hours notice to avoid a late notice charge of £75.