Electrical Fault Finding


Electrical Fault Finding - When something at home or work suddenly stops working, it may not simply be a case of flicking a tripped fuse. It could therefore be too dangerous to investigate the issue without the correct equipment. The cause could be any number of problems from a burnt out transformer, an overloaded circuit or a cable that has become disconnected. Whatever the problem, a qualified electrician is needed to remedy and take preventative action. 


In both residential and commercial properties the most common electrical issues include; electrical surges, light switches or bulbs not working, overloaded circuits, door bells not working and electric shocks to name a few.


Our experienced electricians will investigate the issue thoroughly and work out whether the problem is a result of faulty wiring, circuits or outlets. This could lead to damaged appliances or worse. Repairing or replacing flickering lights, damaged circuits or wiring are jobs our skilled electricians carry out for our customers. Our electricians carry out this work to the highest level across London.


As a preventative measure remember to test your lighting as well as electrical appliances on a regular basis. Our electrical team are able to carry out portable appliance testing or PAT as well as electrical installation condition reports (EICR).


In addition to fault finding and repairing electrical circuits and outlets, our local electricians also;

  • Replace light fittings
  • Carry out rewires
  • Change over to LED lighting
  • Change light starters
  • Replace trunking & conduits
  • Install new plug sockets
  • Replace terminal connectors
  • As well as many other services


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Electrical Fault Finding

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