Whether it be in your home or workplace Electec Electrical Contractors offer a wide range of LED lighting to suit your needs.

With energy costs rising it is becoming increasingly more difficult to make savings in the home. Using halogen or incandescent lighting means you are losing money every day. By switching to a more energy efficient system, savings can be made on your electricity bills. 

By calling our team of experienced electricians today, we can advise how to help you save money on your energy bills quickly and efficiently.

LED Lighting

There are many reasons and benefits to change to LED lighting, just some of them are outlined below;

Monetary savings with LED lighting

By using LED lighting over incandescent (halogen) lighting, 85% less energy is used. The running cost of LED lights is much more cost effective than fluorescent or incandescent lighting, no other form of lighting matches the energy and cost saving benefits of LED lighting. 

Environmental benefits of LED lighting solutions

Unlike conventional lamps (bulbs) LEDs have no harsh chemicals such as mercury which can be present in older lamps. While still remaining as bright as conventional lamps and producing almost no UV emissions. As a result LEDs can be recycled safely without leaking chemicals into the atmosphere.

LED endurance 

LED lights endurance is incomparable to conventional lamps. LED lights can last as long as 10 years or the equivalent of 50,000 hours! This is a big factor in why so many people are now switching to LED lights.

LED Brightness 

As noted earlier, LED lights use 85% less energy than conventional lamps, this is because a 7 watt LED gives the same brightness as an old 50 watt spotlight. This results in lower electricity bills. In addition to this LED lights are at full brightness right away unlike regular energy saving lamps which take time to ‘warm up’.

Now LED lighting has become more affordable it is much more common and used in more homes. Rather than commercial and industrial properties as was the case when they first came on the market. In fact most new builds now install LED lighting as standard.

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LED lighting on your home 

Electec Electrical Contractors have expertise in a variety of LED lighting solutions in your home. 

-LED strip lighting can be fitted into almost any recessed area within your home, whether that be beneath kitchen cupboards or bookcases or any other place you would like them fitted. 

-Lighting with LEDs throughout the kitchen is becoming increasingly more popular. As the room tends to be the central point for many, when the lights are often on a more cost-effective option is desired. Equally they can be fitted in bathrooms, hallways or living rooms.

-LED lighting can also be used effectively outdoors, particularly in the garden. It can be used to create ambience, lighting colour and mood can be changed instantly via a remote. Outdoor security lights also come in LED form with power ranging from 10-50 watts.

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LED lights for commercial use

LED lighting in commercial properties has been important in keeping energy usage down for many years. Usage will always be high, but by making use of LED lighting costs can be reduced by simply not needing to change lamps as frequently. It is more cost effective as it is cheaper and lasts longer.

As most commercial properties have their lights on for many hours a day (some 24/7), an 85% saving on electricity used for lighting will mean a considerable financial saving over the course of a year. 

Having installed LED lighting in many commercial properties throughout London, Electec Electrical Contractors have the expertise and knowledge to offer you the best solutions for your business.

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