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    Fuse Board Replacements

    When carrying out any electrical work in your home or business property, you must ensure you choose a registered electrician. It is your responsibility, if you do not choose a qualified and registered electrician. Ensure your electrician issues you a Part P building regulation certificate.


    Why is your consumer unit (fuse board) important?

    When it comes to consumer units (fuse boards/fuse boxes as they are commonly known) our registered electricians provide fusebox repair, fuse board replacements as well as installation.

    Your consumer unit is a crucial part of your electrical installation, fuseboards now have RCDs (Residual Current Device) providing a higher level of protection. This means they are now capable of picking up earth leaks & faults alerting you to the issue. An example could be if you are using a faulty appliance like a kettle or fridge a modem RCD fuse board will trip the fuse protecting you from the fault. An older fuse board in unable to do this. If you do not currently have RCD protection, we would advise, for your own safety, to upgrade.


    When does my consumer unit need replacing?

    There are a number of reasons you may require a fuse board replacement;

    - Firstly, you could have an old fuse board with asbestos flash guards.

    - Secondly, if your fuse board is over 10 years old, we recommend you have it checked.

    - Thirdly, if your fuse board does not have an RCD (Residual Current Device).


    If you are unsure whether or not your fuse board requires replacing, please contact Electec Electrical Contractors. Call us on 07778317813 or email us for advise or a free of charge quotation.


    Whats the process of replacing a consumer unit?

    Should you require a replacement consumer unit/fuse board, the process involves firstly carrying out an EICR (electrical installation report) checking all the wiring in the property. It is likely there are existing faults your current fuse board (consumer unit) would not pick up. This could be anything from a nail through a cable, to a neutral to earth or deterioration of the cables (low insulation readings). Once the EICR has been completed by one of our registered electricians, we are then able to discuss any issues that would need repairing at the same time as the consumer unit installation to be booked at a later date.